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This weeks Bliss Tip

Topic ~ Viewing your web page through different Browsers.

Browsers, depending on which one is used, can display your web page just a little bit differently than what you are seeing in the Browser you use.

Let's say that you view your web page with the Internet Explorer Browser. And I view your web page with Mozilla FireFox Browser.
I will see a slightly different view of your web page versus what you are seeing.

How do you make sure your web page looks great in every browser?

There is a wonderful website that will let you see your web page through different browsers. The website is called Browsershots. You can enter your URL that leads to your web page and choose which Browsers to look at it through. This is a Great Website and very Handy. If you don't want to test your web page in different Browsers using the site mentioned above. You will have to open your web page with different Browsers manually. Same thing as when you open an HTML Notepad File with a Browser. You might do it with Internet Explorer and then with Mozilla and then any other Browsers that you have on your computer.

Welcome to
This website is set up to help you learn or review subjects concerning HTML.
It is intended mainly for Beginners but users of all experience levels may find this site helpful.
Choose a topic from the Menu located to your left to get started.

Any of the HTML Codes you see can be copied & pasted into the Online Test Bed here on this website.
If you play around with the HTML Code you will learn from practice and trial & error.

Any of the HTML Codes you see can also be copied & pasted into a brand new Notepad File
and saved onto your computer for future use.

Please note; Any URL's given in examples, such as graphics, are not yours to use for your website.
You should replace the URL used in the example with one of your own Photo Hosting URL's.

It's handy to have Notepad Files on your computer with sections of HTML Codes that you like.
That way when you are ready to start building
your web page / HTML Document, you can place the codes you want into your document
without writing the Code from scratch. Which will save you time.
If the text on this page is overlapping, adujust the Text Size
on your Browser Window to a smaller size. This will correct the problem.
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